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Whether I'm staring out of the window, taking a stroll through the park or out for a day in the country I am constantly inspired by the organic world. I am fascinated by the fragility and originality of nature; the way in which a tiny bud can grow into the tallest of trees or the prettiest of flowers, or the way no two leaves are the same. Nature is such an incredible force yet displays such delicate and intricate beauty, and I love to explore this theme through my pieces. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching inspiration form into and idea, and seeing that idea coming to life.

Over the past few years, I have designed using a variety of materialsThis artistic journey has led me towards working with fine ceramics and precious metals. I think It's vital to learn about a material through experimentation, seeing how it bends, stretches and morphs. I love to see how raw components can be twisted and manipulated into something completely new.

As you can see from the gallery, my passion is usable, wearable art that a person can interact with, rather than simply view.